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Manali Hotels

Luxury Hotels

* Manuallaya Resorts
* Apple Country Resort
* Holiday Inn
* Manali Heights
* Manali Inn
* Royal Park Resort
* Solang Valley Resort
* Span Resorts


Deluxe Hotels

* Honeymoon Inn
* Kalinga Grand
* Marina Villa
* Hotel Out Town
* Sarovar Portico
* Shingar Regency
* Silmog Garden
* Snow Princess
* Snow Valley Resort


Economy Hotels

* Angel's Inn
* Hotel Chetna
* Dream Land
* Hayer Regency
* Ever Green
* Hotel Natraj
* Hotel Rajhans
* Hotel Zarim



Manali Hotels

Luxury Hotels in Manali

Luxury Hotels of Manali, manalihotels
Luxury Hotels

 Manuallaya Resorts
 Apple Country Resort
 Holiday Inn
 Manali Heights
 Manali Inn
 Royal Park Resort
 Solang Valley Resort
 Span Resorts

Deluxe Hotels in Manali

Deluxe Hotels of Manali, manalihotels
Deluxe Hotels

 Honeymoon Inn
 Kalinga Grand
 Marina Villa
 Hotel Out Town
 Sarovar Portico
 Shingar Regency
 Silmog Garden
 Snow Princess
 Snow Valley Resort

Economy Hotels in Manali

Economy Hotels of Manali, hotelsmanali
Economy Hotels

 Angel's Inn
 Hotel Chetna
 Dream Land
 Hayer Regency
 Ever Green
 Hotel Natraj
 Hotel Rajhans
 Hotel Zarim



Manali in Himachal Pradesh, India derived its name from Manavalaya i.e. the abode of Manu. According to myth, Manu the divine law-giver, was the only survivor of the Mahajal Pralay - the great flood - and is said to have fathered the human race. He certainly chose enchanting environs. Manali still maintains its charm and beauty. With the majestic grandeur of the Himalayas on one side, river Beas cutting across the town, verdant valleys with rolling meadows and grazing herds dotting the hillsides, apple orchards and the folk music adding romance to the ambience and presenting a wondrous canvas to the traveller.

Experience the local color and beauty in Kullu-Manali's temples, quaint villages and the vibrant and festive mood of the people and their colorful clothes and handicrafts. Or encounter adventure; on the myriad trekking trails and routes, while skiing on the snow slopes, rafting down the Beas or just as you try your hand at some amateurish angling. Discover for yourself the Kullu Valley, going upto the Rohtang Pass at 13050 feet and encompassing the beautiful Manali in-between, nestled between the Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal ranges. As its magical charms enamour, you ebulliently agree that it has rightly been christened as the "Valley of the Gods".



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